Azeezah 100ml - Lattafa Perfumes


Technical data :

Perfume name : Azeezah
Brand : Lattafa Perfumes
Type Mixed
Capacity 100 mL

Olfactory notes :

Top Notes : Citrus fruits, Oranges
Heart notes : Rose, Jasmine, Lily of the valley
Background note White Musk.

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Visit perfume Azeezah Lattafa is a great addition to your collection of mixed scents.

Laissez-vous donc tenter par ce florilège d’arômes capturant à merveille la beauté de l’orient en son sillage. Et percez ainsi à jour Luxurious Fragrances with an olfactory fingerprint worthy of the name!

The luxurious Parfum Azeezah Lattafa

The authentic Azeezah Lattafa fragrance is presented in a magnificent bottle of 100ml in the likeness of his elixir.

This oriental fragrance à l’allure précieuse attire l’œil avec une bouteille bleu nuit, surmontée d’un bouchon couleur or.

Once sprayed, this richly scented liquid takes you on an atypical sensory journey.

In fact, after you've passed through, it leaves a trace of unisex scent exquisite and, above all, unique.

Ideal for the evening, discover how this nectar can complement your outfit.

The olfactory pyramid of Parfum Azeezah Lattafa

Azeezah Lattafa perfume has the art of carrying you away from the very first notes of its composition.

In fact, its fruity-floral blend begins with hints ofcitrus tangy. Your skin is thus enveloped in a sparkling, sweet freshness, with the help of a deliciously tangy top note. orange.

Then, these scents gently give way to sunny, more sensual heart notes. Like the delicacy of rosethe finesse of jasmineand the subtlety of lily of the valley. Aromas characteristic of the world's greatest perfumes.

With, finally, the much-appreciated sweetness of white musk. A flavor used for its tender, "clean" smell.

Un peu plus sur Lattafa Perfumes…

The brand Lattafa Perfumes is not a first-timer. That's why we invite you to discover other fragrances Dubai as surprising as they are enjoyable.

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