Black Edition

There is a very specific character and identity in Western perfumery. It's the ability to use oriental raw materials without being oriental. In fact, Western perfumers know how to keep their notes and wonderfully reconstitute their own olfactory scents. 

Tour d’horizon sur la gamme de parfum black édition

Whether it's the simplicity of the packaging or the scents themselves, Luxurious Fragrance's Black Edition collection is unique.

With the exception of certain prototypes such as Nuit B or Girl, these are mixed-use fragrances (Unisex). The key to these gentle fragrances is their target audience. They can be worn by both men and women. Discreet yet irresistible scent. Black Edition fragrances are extraordinary. They don't pollute the wake of a room, but impregnate the wearer magnificently and freshly. The white musk notes are velvety-smooth on the skin and perfectly attenuate fruity aromas that might evaporate in nature. Or even leave you smelling too sleepy. 

In this sense, Black Edition evokes something more intimate. It's a lightly woody eau parfum that envelops the body very well. It quickly becomes imbued with a person's identity. 

The West-East contrast: between wind and tide

When perfuming with fragrances from the Black Edition range, the contrast between several notes is quickly apparent. While they can be perfectly defined and identified, the consumer experiences a scent that comes from afar, but is also locally close. This perfectly expressed antagonism is in no way repulsive. It's what makes the French perfumer so unique: he travels the world of aromas and the planet while remaining in Europe.

Indeed, the incense aromas typical of the shores of the Red Sea or the sandalwoods of Asia, as well as the softening white musk scent, reveal distant odors. Citrus scents typical of Mediterranean shores (orange blossom, bergamot...) bring us ever closer to the European continent.

As for the precious Tuscan iris flower, typical of the Florence region, it coordinates all these far-flung blends perfectly. Thanks to a time-consuming and precious extraction process, it brings its share of soft, reassuring fragrances. 

In any case, the Black Edition Parfum range should manifest a batch of strong, spicy aromas. But the French perfumer's hand has simply made it Western through the work and contrast of flavors.

And the balance of flavors means you'll find yourself in the heart of the French capital, nobly perfumed with the world's finest aromas.

Black edition perfume and the hidden face of Western 100%

As you discover the daring prowess of the Black Edition, you'll find a delicate expression of Western perfumery.

Indeed, just because vanilla refers to Madagascar or Polynesia doesn't make the fragrance exotic. Although the aromas come from there, we can clearly distinguish the gender of each. 

Exotic fragrances from elsewhere are the manifestation of scents where fruitiness often takes center stage. In French perfumery, the balance of the senses expresses all the letters of nobility specific to the homeland of perfume.

All the conscientious perfumer has to do is use his palette of raw materials to create a 100% Western masterpiece. 

Although exotic scents give body to eau de parfum. The nose manipulates them with subtlety to draw out a unique flavor, but one that is highly harmonized and offset by the addition of white musk. As for the marriage of local scents such as pear blended with the more oriental jasmine flower, it balances out without overdoing it to reveal a fresh, sublime scent.

In itself, this ideal combination begs the question. And that's what the mystery of French-style Western perfume is all about.

How can you use so many oriental olfactory materials while still remaining true to Western effluence?

The answer is self-evident. Perfume is a well-kept secret, like grandma's recipes. So every French perfumer knows where to put his nose, and makes the most of a palette of extraordinary ingredients.

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