El Nabil scented candle

Visit El Nabil scented candle is a small luminaire as aesthetic as it is pleasing. In fact, this product combines two very interesting aspects for our interiors: it beautifies while diffusing a delicate scent.

The El Nabil scented candle is waiting for you 

Walking into a room that smells good gives you an almost immediate feeling of well-being. And that goes for you and your guests too! That's why this quality accessory is so welcome in our homes, so that it can spread its fragrance. wake subtle but convincing.

What's more, this little decorative object will give your interior a little extra embellishment.

But what does this little find look like?

First of all, you need to know that this indoor candle is manufactured in Franceand that its fragrance comes from Grasse. Which says a lot about its quality!

Its crystal glass gives it a sober, uncluttered design. Finally, it accommodates a soy wax 100% vegetable which offers a healthy diffusion.

A few scents for the El Nabil scented candle 

The fragrance White musk as well as White neroli are very pure scents, which are often unanimously appreciated. However, if you're willing to take a few risks, why not opt for the very oriental Royal Goldor the gourmet Musk Halima ?

How do I use it? 

This ultra-charming little luminaire offers you approx. 50 hours of combustion. Plenty of time to decide on a second El Nabil scented candle for yourself!

Using it couldn't be easier. All you have to do is find a suitable spot, which means safety for all. Then light it with a match, for example. As soon as you think the room smell is strong enough, you can blow on it.

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