B.otox capillaire

Le b.otox capillaire do you know it? This product that gives you sensational results. Son nom intrigue, en effet, il ne s’agit pas du b.otox pour les rides, mais bien d’un soin incontournable pour votre chevelure.

Is your hair tired from coloring, daily washing, blow-drying or even the sun? It's time to remedy all this with the b.otox capillaire.

Le b.otox capillaire : un soin cheveux hors pair

You want to find soft hair, brillants et rayonnants. Avec le b.otox capillaire, c’est enfin possible ! En effet, cette petite pépite du domaine de la beauté a bien de quoi surprendre.

This mask is a innovative technology ainsi qu’un procédé pour rajeunir la chevelure. Effectivement, le b.otox est utilisé pour réparer les chevelures très abîmées. En ce qui concerne son utilisation, ce soin peut aussi bien s’effectuer à la maison que chez le coiffeur. Dans le cas présent, les produits disponibles sur notre boutique sont à faire à la maison.

Its use is clear and effective, strengthening the hair fiber and nourishing it in depth. You'll find soft, shiny hair shine. And say goodbye to frizz! You can also combine your hair routine with l’utilisation d’un cardoune cheveux.

Les bienfaits incontournables du b.otox capillaire 

This nourishing beauty treatment is ideal solution to revive your hair. Is your hair damaged from straightening or coloring? Don't waste another minute taking things into your own hands! This mask has impressive assets such as :

  • First, repair hair deep down;
  • Slow hair loss;
  • Gives luminosity, hydration, shine and softness;
  • Fighting frizz;
  • Or encourage the production of elastin and collagen.

Do you know what? That's a short list compared to what it will do for your hair. So don't hesitate any longer. Get your baby hair back with this treatment that promises to pleasant surprises. 

De quoi est bien composé le b.otox capillaire ? 

The secret of this mask's benefits lies in its composition. So what does it consist of?

This treatment is enriched with keratin and in hyaluronic acid. This gives your hair everything it needs to regain its shine.

Hyaluronic acid gives suppleness and youthfulness to hair lost through successive washes. As for keratin, it sheathes the hair. It's the perfect combination to bring your hair back to life, since it works deep down.

In addition, the b.otox capillaire you'll be able to get back to your dream hair.

The different products in our store 

On Luxurious FragranceWe offer a wide range of products. So you can choose from a wide range of quality treatments.

For example, you can find the Kera Queen's. Sept b.otox sont disponibles, entre celui à la figue de barbarie, celui à la kératine et ricin, celui à la nigelle, celui à la kératine et à l’ail. Ou encore, celui au collagène.

You can also find a range of treatments from Jean Michel Cavada. Just like Gold Intense. The must-have skincare products.

All you have to do is choose from our varied and diverse selection. What's more, to help you choose your care product, refer to its components. The choice will be easier.

Le b.otox capillaire : pour quel type de cheveux ? 

Le b.otox capillaire n’est pas destiné à n’importe qui ! Il est principalement destiné aux cheveux très faibles, abîmés ou en mauvais état dû aux mauvaises habitudes de notre quotidien. Tout comme les colorations, les défrisages, les brushings, les plaques chauffantes…

This product is also ideal for the return of fine weather, the beach, the pool... This treatment will reduce damage caused by chlorine, salt or the sun.

In short, this hair care can be applied to almost all hair types. But mainly for those who want their hair to look its best.

However, you should read the ingredients carefully before use. In case you are allergic to a product.

Comment procéder au b.otox capillaire ? 

À présent, vous êtes devenu des experts en b.otox capillaire ! De ce fait, voyons comment procéder à l’application.

First, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Then towel-dry your hair, leaving it slightly damp.

Next, divide your hair into four sections and apply the treatment from root to tip. Cover your head with cellophane. Leave on for 30 minutes to an hour for deep penetration.

Finally, blow-dry and straighten your hair. However, this step is not mandatory.

Le conseil beauté : une fois avoir fait votre masque capillaire, il convient d’utiliser un shampoing sans sulfate. Vous ferez ainsi au maximum le soin b.otox capillaire.

Alors n’attendez plus pour faire votre b.otox capillaire maintenant que vous savez comment procéder !


Outre le fait que le b.otox capillaire possède de nombreux bienfaits, il est nécessaire de rappeler qu’il s’agit d’un produit composé d’éléments chimiques. Ainsi, il est primordial de prendre quelques précautions, pour éviter de mauvaises surprises !

Firstly, it is advisable to use the product 7 to 8 weeks apart. In fact, close use could have harmful effects.

Secondly, gloves must be worn during application. This is to avoid any reaction to the product.

Next, care must be taken to avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

Finally, this product should be kept out of the reach of children.

However, with proper use, respect for operating instructions and pause times, he shouldn't have any worries.

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